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Field Resources was founded in 1992, as the first independent fieldwork agency in Greece specializing exclusively in data collection.

Since 1995 the company expanded to provide a full range of quantitative market research services.

Core function of the company: provision of data of the utmost accuracy and reliability, thereby enabling decision-making on the part of the client, with maximum confidence.

Both managing Directors of Field Resources acquired great experience working for Market Research 38 and 33 years respectively.

The two managing directors of Field Resources have considerable experience, working for Market Research 38 and 33 years respectively.

The Company operates with 2 offices in Greece, the head office in Athens and its branch in Thessaloniki.


Provision of data of the utmost accuracy and reliability, thereby enabling decision-making on the part of the client, with maximum confidence.

To cover all customer needs as efficiently and quickly as possible with a view to maximizing customer satisfaction.

To create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and to become their first choice agency.

Why Field Resources

  • We provide data of the highest quality standards.
  • We are a committed and dedicated team of executives geared to handling all customer needs and requests.
  • We provide professional advice and consulting, thereby attaining customer problem.
  • Quick and efficient response to customer requests, thereby minimizing lean time.
  • Strict adherence to ESOMAR code of ethics and guidelines.
  • We like to be the partner you need in order to ensure the success of the project with which we have been trusted.

Scope of business

Field Resources is offering all types of quantitative research methods such as: PAPI, CATI, CAPI, Mail, Mystery shopping, Recruitment of respondents for Qualitative Research and Desk research.

Research solutions we cover:

  • Research solutions
  • Advertising Research
  • Brand Equity/ Image Research
  • Business-to-business
  • Customer Satisfaction/ Employee Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Habits and Attitudes
  • Mystery Shopping
  • New Product Development
  • Observation Studies
  • Opinion Polling
  • Packaging Research
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Product Testing
  • Projective Techniques
  • Tracking Studies

Market sectors we cover:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Automotive / Spare parts
  • Agricultural
  • Banking / Credit Cards
  • Bakery Products
  • Beverages / Soft Drinks
  • Computers and Software
  • Dairy Products
  • Detergents
  • Foods & Drinks
  • Ice Creams
  • Meat Products
  • Medical / Pharmaceuticals
  • Mobile Phones
  • Oil Companies / Petrol Stations
  • Office Automation
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pet Foods
  • Public Sector (state schools)
  • Social / Opinion Polls
  • Tobacco Products
  • Tourism

Services offered/ Output

According to our clients agreement we provide the following services:

  • Design of the whole research project
  • Design and administration of sampling
  • Design or translation of questionnaires
  • Fieldwork
  • Fieldwork quality control
  • Analytical fieldwork report
  • Editing and Coding of questionnaires
  • Punching of questionnaires/ data entry
  • Checking and cleaning of data
  • Data in ASCII or SPSS or Excel format according to the client datamap
  • Statistical detailed tables and key/ cross tabulations
  • Main findings in the form of charts
  • Full or executive summary report
  • Recommendations and conclusions
  • After sales support / extra analysis

Quality control

Quality control procedure

We are committed to Market Research and we strive to provide the best quality fieldwork services for our clients since the quality of a Market Research project strongly depends directly on the quality of data collected. To meet our philosophy, we have introduced quality control procedures at all stages of a market research job process.

Fieldwork / Data collection stage

  • Interviewer Recruitment
    • All prospective interviewers are recruited based on a personal interview
    • Complete adherence to ICC/ ESOMAR code of ethics/ practice
  • Interviewer Training
    • All new interviewers undergo full day's introductory training
    • Half day's training in the field by conducting actual interviews followed by half day debrief
    • All interviewers are briefed personally (face-to-face) for each survey undertaken
  • Fieldwork Quality control procedures
    • All interviewers are controlled (20% minimum control per interviewer) by our quality department to ensure interviews were valid
    • All completed questionnaires are manually edited by experienced editors
    • 100% of punched questionnaires are checked on a per interviewer basis

Data processing stage

  • Data is checked to ensure routings are followed
  • Data is 100% cleaned


There are no vacancies at present, but feel free to send your CV to Ms. Eleftheria Alivizatou, Managing Director ( for future consideration.

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If you would like to join our team of interviewers please send us your CV ( and we will invite you in for an interview.

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Where we are

Field Resources is located in Marousi close to the Neratziotissa train station.

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Field Resources

Athens branch
19 Psaron Street
15122 Marousi of Attica

Tel: +30 2108541523

Business enquiries contact
Ery Kyriakou
Tel: +30 2108541523